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Gabriel Balky embarked on his musical journey at the age of 14, when he began to discover the secrets of the art of music. At 17, he started composing and producing music, a process that allowed him to express his inner energy through melodies and rhythms.

Throughout his career, Gabriel honed his musical skills under the names Theodor Rakco and Denny Rayell. At the age of 23, he was forced to take a break due to medical issues, but music helped him overcome this challenging period.

He chose to break free from all boundaries and create fresh, rebellious, and mystical music. In 2018, he established his own music label, 7 Armies Music, through which he releases his own music as well as that of other Deep and Organic House artists from around the world.

Gabriel Balky has been invited to mix at shows such as Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss Fm Romania (Partydul Kiss Fm), and Dance FM, as part of Professor’s (RO) “Organic Session.”

With an eclectic musical career and a passion for organic sounds, Gabriel Balky continues to express his uniqueness without limits.