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My journey into music started when I was 14 years old. The perfect age to begin the process of discovering your true self. At that time, a wild spirit was running though my veins and, as soon as I have started to write and produce music at 17 years old, I understood the way to tame it in order to spread its energy through music.
Step by step, I developed my musical skills under the name of Theodor Rakco and Denny Rayell. At the age of 23, I was forced by some medical problems to quit music.

Although I was disappointed by these circumstances, I pull myself together with the help of music and decided to continue with all the risks.
I chose to take advantage of this break to get outside of my comfort zone and to produce something fresh, insurgent and mystical. I’m grateful for that period as it helped me to understand that the music has no limit.

After my phoenix process ended, I was reborn from my own ashes and in 2018 I created my own record label, 7 Armies Music, by which I release my music and other Deep and Organic House worldwide artists.
To sum up, who am I? I am a free spirit and I allow myself to fully express my uniqueness without boundaries.